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The Seven Deadly Sins
Of boiler installations

Here at The Boiler Blokes we believe the Seven Deadly Sins should be avoided by all boiler installers!

Here at The Boiler Blokes we believe the Seven Deadly Sins should be avoided by all boiler installers!

Oh dear!

Quality Heating Engineers, Aylesbury

The Boiler Blokes

With years of experience working in the heating industry, we understand how importance of great customer service. We believe there are seven deadly sins all heating installers should avoid, from not arriving on time to not returning customer calls or even hiding additional costs.

Sin 1 - Boiler installations - Not arriving on time

1. Not arriving on time

The Boiler Blokes will always make every effort to turn up at the agreed upon time.

An engineer arriving late is of particular concern to those of you who have to be somewhere, do something or have commitments.

If due to circumstances beyond our control we are delayed, we will ALWAYS call before the appointed time to inform you.

2. Not arriving at all

The Boiler Blokes have NEVER missed a job

If a tradesman does not start a job when he says he will it puts tremendous pressure on the customer who now has to go through the whole quoting/referencing process with someone else.

Not to mention the possible penalty charges other trades who are involved may charge, as their work is now delayed until a new heating engineer is commissioned.

Sin 2 - Boiler installations - Not arriving at all
Sin 3 - Boiler installations - Not cleaning

3. Not cleaning up afterwards

The Boiler Blokes will always clean up after themselves

Having a stranger in your house can in itself be disconcerting, but for that person to leave your property in a mess could leave you feeling violated.

We all have dust blankets, vacuum cleaners and will leave your property cleaner than how we found it.

4. Hidden and extra charges

All our charges are totally TRANSPARENT and there are no hidden extras.

All our charges are totally TRANSPARENT and there are no hidden extras.

We are all aware of the economic climate at present and to be presented with a higher than quoted invoice at the end of a job can put extra stress and strain on household finances.

Sin 4 - Boiler installations - Hidden charges
Sin 5 - Boiler installations - Not returning Customer's  calls

5. Not returning a customer’s calls

The Boiler Blokes will always call you back

For someone not to return your call is in itself rude and unprofessional. It has happened to myself and I know how frustrating it can be.

Whilst we may not get back to you straight away we will ALWAYS endeavour to return calls at the latest by close of business the same day.

6. Bad or dangerous workmanship

You’re in safe hands with The Boiler Blokes

To pay someone to do a job that you could have done better yourself is extremely annoying. Whether it was a lack of their skill, knowledge or pride in a job well done doesn’t make it any easier to swallow.

EVERY job we complete we ask ourselves whether we would be happy if it were our own house. We are only satisfied if we can answer yes.

Sin 6 - Boiler installations - Dangerous workmanship
Sin 7 - Boiler installations - Not honouring the guarantee

7. Not honouring their guarantee

You can put your trust in The Boiler Blokes

Too often if things go wrong it is nigh on impossible to get anyone to come and rectify the mistake without long and sometimes nasty exchanges.

Whilst we understand that things don’t always go to plan it is the manner and speed at which they are put right that matters.

We HONOUR our guarantees and will put right any issues that are our fault as speedily as possible.

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