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Brand new boiler installations

We offer high quality brand new boiler installations throughout Aylesbury and the surrounding areas.

Our engineers are experts in offering high quality brand new boiler installations throughout Aylesbury and the surrounding areas.

Boiler Installers, Aylesbury

Gas Safe Registered & Worcester Bosch Accredited

With years of experience working in the heating industry, our fully qualified, knowledgeable heating engineers can offer high quality boiler installations throughout Aylesbury and the surrounding areas.

As well as boiler installations, we can also offer installations of smart controls, unvented cylinders and can provide powerflushing services for a complete clean of your central heating system.

New boiler installations in Aylesbury

Why Choose a Worcester Bosch?

The benefits of upgrading to a new boiler:

Upgrading to a new boiler can bring a range of benefits that enhance home comfort, energy efficiency, and overall quality of life.

Some of these benefits include:

  Improved Energy Efficiency - Modern boilers are designed to be much more energy-efficient than older models. Upgrading to a new boiler can lead to significant reductions in energy consumption, resulting in lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

  Enhanced Performance - New boilers are equipped with advanced technology and improved heating controls, allowing for precise temperature adjustments and consistent heat distribution throughout the home.

  Reliability - Older boilers are more prone to breakdowns and inefficiencies due to wear and tear. A new boiler offers greater reliability, reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and the need for frequent repairs.

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Interest Free Finance

Spread the cost of your new boiler with interest free monthly payments

Working alongside Worcester Bosch and Novuna Personal Finance, we can offer monthly payment options for brand new Worcester Bosch boilers with no interest to pay!

Our interest free boiler finance option has become a valuable solution for our customers looking to upgrade or replace their boiler without the burden of upfront costs or interest charges.

Our boiler finance options allows you to invest in energy-efficient boiler that can improve your home comfort and even reduce your energy bills!

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Gas boiler installations finance in Aylesbury

A Quick Guide to Boiler Types

Get an idea of which system might be best for your home

There are various different boiler types available and depending on your needs, a certain type of boiler would be more suited to your home.

Combi boiler installations in Aylesbury

Combi Boilers

No need to store hot water in a cylinder or tank

  • Heats directly from the incoming mains.
  • Can be installed almost anywhere in the property. (e.g. kitchen, garage or loft).
  • Less risk of freezing pipes.
  • Limitless hot water delivered at mains pressure.
  • No need for a separate shower pump!
System boiler installations in Aylesbury

System Boilers

Hot water stored in a vented or unvented cylinder

  • Built in pump
  • Pressurised system lowers running costs and heats radiators faster.
  • A great option for larger homes with two or more bathrooms.
  • Built in expansion vessel
Regular boiler installations in Aylesbury

Regular Boilers

Hot water stored in a cylinder, cold water stored in a tank

  • Hot water cylinder fed from a cold water storage tank usually located in the loft space.
  • More suitable to larger properties with two or more bathrooms.
Smart heating controls in Aylesbury

Smart Heating Controls

Control your heating from your smart device

Smart controls are an excellent choice for control control of your homes heating.

Smart heating controls allow users to remotely adjust the temperature of their homes through smartphone apps or voice-activated assistants, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

HIVE Smart heating controls in Aylesburynest Smart heating controls in AylesburyWorcester Bosch Smart heating controls in Aylesbury

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Unvented Cylinder Installations

Domestic hot water systems

Unvented cylinder installations represent a modern and efficient approach to domestic hot water systems. These systems eliminate the need for a cold water storage tank, utilizing mains water pressure to deliver a pressurized supply of hot water throughout a property.

Unvented cylinders are typically installed alongside conventional boilers or renewable energy sources like heat pumps, allowing for a seamless integration to your central heating system.

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Unvented cylinder installations in Aylesbury
Radiators installation in Aylesbury

New Radiator Installations

Whether you’re looking for a simple radiator or a more stylish option, we can install your radiators.

New radiator installations offer a great upgrade to your home's heating system, enhancing both comfort and energy efficiency.

We can offernew radiators that are designed to distribute heat evenly and effectively throughout living spaces.

We can also install radiators that pair with thermostatic valves and smart controls for complete control over your home’s heating.

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Powerflush Your System

We recommend a powerflush to clean out any debris in your system that could damage your new boiler

A power flush is a comprehensive and effective process designed to clean and improve the performance of a central heating system by removing any debris, rust and sludge. A power flush can significantly enhance the efficiency, longevity, and performance of a central heating system

The benefits of a power flush include:

  • Improved heating efficiency
  • Increased lifespan of components
  • Improved heat distribution (no more cold spots on radiator!)
  • Quieter operation
  • Prevention of future problems
  • Optimised system performance

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Powerflush in Aylesbury

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